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Who left a pot of broth and a basket of meat under an oak tree?

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In Genesis, who was buried under and oak tree below Bethel?
| Zilpah, Leah's maid | Adah, Esau's wife | Hagar, Sarah's maid | Deborah, Rebekah's nurse |

In Zechariah Ch 1, the prophet has a vision of a man riding a red horse and standing under what kind of tree?
| Myrtle | Palm | Terebinth | Fig |

Who slept under a juniper tree after fleeing for his life?
| Elijah | Jeremiah | Elisha | Jonah |

What did Daniel and his three friends eat instead of the king's meat and drink?
| Pulses and water | Bread, fish and water | Bread and milk | Leftovers and vinegar |

Who did an angel tell to place meat and unleavened cakes on a rock?
| Samson | Elisha | Gideon | Moses |

Who brought Elijah bread and meat to eat during the drought?
| Shepherds | Priests | Angels | Ravens |

In the parable about a fig tree, when you see the tree putting forth leaves, what is near?
| Autumn | Summer | Winter | Spring |

Who had a dream about birds eating from a basket on his head?
| Pharaoh's butler | Joseph | Pharaoh's baker | Pharaoh |

In Zechariah's seventh vision what was sitting inside the basket?
| A snake | A beast with ten horns | A scroll of parchment | A woman |

Which prophet saw a "basket of summer fruit" signifying the end was near for Israel?
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