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On which mountain did the angel of the Lord appear to Moses from the burning bush?

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How did the angel of the Lord first appear to Moses?
| In a dream | In a burning bush | In a cloud on Mount Sinai | A man sitting by the side of the road |

How did the angel of the Lord appear to Moses?
| By a well | In a dream | From within a burning bush | As a bright light in the sky |

What did Moses see burning but miraculously not consumed by the fire?
| Tent | Man | Bush | Donkey |

Which mountain do the Samaritans claim as the true mountain of God?
| Hermon | Gerizim | Carmel | Sinai |

Who did an angel stop from sacrificing his own son on a mountain in Moriah?
| Joshua | Abraham | David | Adam |

From which mountain was Moses given a view of the Promised Land he not permitted to enter?
| Mt. Sinai | Mt. Nebo | Mt. Hermon | Mt. Hor |

On what mountain did Moses receive the the law from God?
| Mount Sinai | Mount Moriah | Mount Gerazim | Mount Nebo |

In what month of Elisabeth's pregnancy did the angel appear to Mary?
| Fourth | Fifth | Sixth | Seventh |

What did Moses name the place where he got water from the rock due to the people quarrelling with Moses and testing the Lord?
| Migdol & Mithcah | Massah & Meribah | Mesha & Mizraim | Medeba & Misgab |

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