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Name someone who fasted for forty days

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Who fasted for 40 days upon Mt Sinai?
| Jesus | Elijah | David | Moses |

What happened to forty-two of the children who made fun of Elisha's baldness?
| Two bears came out of the woods and killed them | They fell into a pit of quicksand | A swarm of bees attacked them | They were struck by lightning and killed |

What was Jesus tempted to turn into bread while he fasted in the wilderness?
| Dust of the ground | His sandals | Stones | Cacti |

Israel wandered in the wilderness for forty years
| False | True |

Name someone who was struck dumb

Which army challenged Israel to choose someone to fight against their champion, Goliath?
| Philistines | Edomites | Babylonians | Assyrians |

Under the Mosaic law, what was the punishment for someone who hit their father?
| Exile | Imprisonment | Flogging | Death |

What did Samson do the Philistines' crops after discovering his bride had been given to someone else?
| Stole them | Ploughed them back into the ground | Burned them | Trampled them |

What does Jesus say someone who wants to follow him must do?
| Have a righteous heart and mind, and do the will of his Father | Leave friends and family behind and sell all their possessions | Read the scriptures daily, and apply them to your life | Deny himself, take up his cross, and follow him |

How were the family warned that someone wanted to kill Jesus?
| An angel came and visited them | By a messenger | A star appeared in the sky | In a dream |

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