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Name someone who was struck dumb

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Who after seeing a vision of an angel was struck dumb until his son was born and named?
| Zechariah | Hezekiah | Athaliah | Jeremiah |

Name someone who fasted for forty days

Who was first to be struck blind?
| Syrian army | Job | Men of Sodom | Saul |

Who Am I? : I was one of thirty men chosen to command David's army, but during a hard battle on the frontline I became isolated from my fellow soldiers and was struck down and died. I was the husband of Bathsheba.

Gehazi was struck with leprosy
| False | True |

What happened when Moses struck the rock at Horeb?
| The Israelite army went into battle | Water gushed out | It began to rain | His staff broke |

Which army challenged Israel to choose someone to fight against their champion, Goliath?
| Edomites | Philistines | Babylonians | Assyrians |

Under the Mosaic law, what was the punishment for someone who hit their father?
| Death | Flogging | Exile | Imprisonment |

What did Samson do the Philistines' crops after discovering his bride had been given to someone else?
| Trampled them | Burned them | Stole them | Ploughed them back into the ground |

What does Jesus say someone who wants to follow him must do?
| Deny himself, take up his cross, and follow him | Leave friends and family behind and sell all their possessions | Read the scriptures daily, and apply them to your life | Have a righteous heart and mind, and do the will of his Father |

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