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Who did God instruct to build an ark to ensure his survival?

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On whose threshing floor did God instruct David to build an altar?
| Araunah's | Hannah's | Othniel's | Naboth's |

What did the sailors do to increase their chances of survival?
| Threw the cargo overboard | Lower the sails | Dropped anchor | Turned the ship away from the storm |

What did Elijah instruct Obadiah to go and tell Ahab?
| To pull down the statues of Baal | The King of Aram's army was advancing | That Elijah was found | There would be a famine in Samaria |

Who Am I? : I was the son of Abinadab. While the Ark of God was being transported to Jerusalem it was shaken by the oxen pulling it and so I put out my hand to steady the Ark. I died instantly.

Why did Elijah choose 12 stones to build his altar?
| One for each tribe of Israel | One for each gate of the temple | That's all he could find | The number of years Ahab had reigned |

How long did it take Solomon to build his own house?
| 20 years | 7 years | 13 years | 10 years |

Why wasn't David allowed to build God's house?
| Because he didn't have enough money | Because of his sin with Bathsheba | Because he wasn't a builder | Because he was a man of war |

What large public building did Solomon build?
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In which city in Judah did Cyrus tell the Israelites to build the temple?
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With what does Micah say the people build up Zion?
| Lies | Blood | Corruption | False prophecy |

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