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Eve was made from the hip bone of Adam?

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What son of Adam and Eve did Eve regard as a replacement for Abel?

From which part of Adam's body did God create Eve?
| Rib | Knee | Head | Foot |

How did Adam and Eve feel about their nakedness?
| They wanted to cover themselves | They were embarrassed | They did not notice | They were not ashamed |

Adam gave Eve the fruit from the forbidden tree?
| False | True |

God expelled Adam and Eve from the garden?
| False | True |

The firstborn of Adam and Eve was called Abel?
| False | True |

What was the name of the garden where Adam and Eve lived?
| Garden of Babylon | Garden of Paradise | Garden of Eden | Garden of Gethsemane |

What kind of leaves did Adam and Eve sew together to make clothes for themselves?
| Juniper | Almond | Fig | Date |

What does the name "Adam" mean?
| man, or blue sky | man, or red earth | man, or rocks of the earth | man, or green grass |

From what did God make Eve?
| Adam's thigh | Adam's rib | Adam's heel | Adam's arm |

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