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Which book of prophecy was the Ethiopian eunuch reading from?

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When Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch arrive at some water, what does the eunuch say?
| I must stop and wash my feet | Are you thirsty? | What is there to stop me getting baptised? | I want to give my animals a drink |

Which apostle baptized the Ethiopian eunuch?
| Peter | Philip | John | James |

The ethiopian eunuch, held what office of responsibility to Candace, queen of the Ethiopians?
| Treasurer | Military chief | Scribe | Chief advisor |

The Ethiopian eunuch was baptised by Peter
| False | True |

What did Moses do with the blood of the sacrifices after reading the Book of the Covenant?
| Sprinkled it on the people | Painted it on an ox | Drank it | Poured it over the Covenant |

Which of these is a book of prophecy?
| Nahum | Joshua | Nehemiah | Ezra |

Which city did Nahum's vision of prophecy concern?
| Nineveh | Babylon | Sodom | Jerusalem |

In which prophecy do we read about the valley of dry bones?
| Isaiah | Ezekiel | Jeremiah | Daniel |

In the prophecy of Isaiah, where will a little child play in the future?
| The cave of a leopard | The hole of an asp | The lair of a wolf | The den of a lion |

In Ezekiel's prophecy, who is said to be the mother of Jerusalem?
| A Canaanite | A Hittite | A Gibeonite | An Amorite |

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