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Which major feast coincided with the wheat harvest?

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Who during the wheat harvest found mandrakes in the field and gave them to Leah?
| Judah | Benjamin | Simeon | Reuben |

Who caused great fear by calling on God to send rain and thunder during the wheat harvest?
| Joshua | Samuel | David | Aaron |

What name is given to the festival that celebrated the gathering of the wheat harvest?
| Day of Atonement | Feast of Tabernacles | Pentecost | Feast of Booths |

Name one of the four major prophets

With which harvest did the Feast of Weeks coincide?
| Grape | Barley | Wheat | Fig |

How many days were there between the Sabbath before the Feast of Firstfuits and the Feast of Weeks?
| 50 | 30 | 90 | 12 |

Which of the judges was a wheat farmer?
| Samson | Othniel | Ehud | Gideon |

What did Pharaoh's dream of good and bad ears of wheat represent?
| Seven years of war against their enemies | Seven years of famine followed by seven years of plenty | Seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine | Seven years of drought |

At the beginning of which harvest did Naomi and Ruth go to Bethlehem?
| Rye | Wheat | Barley | Grape |

Which other harvest did Ruth glean in?
| Grape harvest | Olive harvest | Wheat harvest | Maize harvest |

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