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What was the name of the tower that Gideon brought down?

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1,000 people died in a fire at which tower after Abimelech told his men to each cut down a branch and carry it on their shoulders?
| Penuel | Lebanon | Hananel | Shechem |

What was the name of the tower that the people were building when God confused their language?
| Tower of God | Tower of Siloam | Tower of Dagon | Tower of Babel |

The Tower of Babel was destroyed by brimstone and fire from heaven
| False | True |

18 people where killed by the Tower of Zion falling on them
| False | True |

What weapons did Gideon use to defeat the Midianites?
| Swords and shields | The ark of God and flaming torches | Trumpets, pitchers and lamps | Spears |

Fill in the missing number : Gideon had ____ sons, for he had many wives.

What offering did Gideon present to the angel of the Lord?
| A bullock and a grain offering | A kid and some unleavened cakes | A one year old lamb without blemish | Two turtle doves |

How many volunteer soldiers did Gideon have initially?
| 22000 | 5000 | 32000 | 10000 |

What equipment did Gideon issue to his soldiers?
| A trumpet, a pitcher and a torch | The ark of God, a sword and a trumpet | Slings and stones | A sword, a shield and a helmet |

How many sons did Gideon have?
| 10 | 24 | 70 | 100 |

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