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How did Joshua kill the king of Ai?

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Fearing that Saul wanted to kill him, what lie did David ask Jonathan to tell his father if asked why he wasn't at the king's table for the New Moon feast?
| He had gone to Bethlehem for a family gathering | He was moving his flocks to new pastures | He had gone to deliver an urgent message to his uncle | He was ill |

Whom did Joshua succeed as leader of Israel?
| Aaron | Moses | Jacob | Abraham |

To what city did Joshua send two men to spy upon?
| Ai | Jericho | Gilgal | Heshbon |

What did the captain of the Lord's host command Joshua to do?
| Take off his sandals | Build an altar to the Lord | Travel to Shiloh | Gather his army against Jericho |

What signal did Joshua give for the army waiting in ambush behind Ai to attack?
| Burnt a sacrifice on an altar | Gave a great shout | Held out his spear towards Ai | Raised his shield above his head |

The Gibeonites tricked Joshua into making a covenant of peace, but as what did he make them serve the Israelites?
| Woodcutters and water-carriers | Shepherds and fishermen | Stone-carriers and armour-bearers | Brick makers and messengers |

What order did Joshua give to God?
| Make darkness cover the land | Make the river flood and drown the enemy camp | Make the sun and moon stand still | Open the ground and swallow the enemies |

Who were cursed to be servants when they deceived Joshua?
| Amorites | Hittites | Hivites | Jebusites |

At which battle were the Israelites defeated because Joshua didn't pray first?
| Gibeon | Heshbon | Ai | Jericho |

What was the name of Joshua's father?
| Carmi | Nun | Eleazar | Othniel |

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