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Ruth first met Boaz on the threshing floor

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What was Boaz doing at the threshing floor?
| Making bread | Treading grapes | Winnowing barley | Threshing grain |

On whose threshing floor did God instruct David to build an altar?
| Naboth's | Hannah's | Araunah's | Othniel's |

What was Araunah's threshing floor to become the site of after David built an altar there?
| Crucifixion of Christ | Solomon's Temple | Sermon on the Mount | Battle of Armageddon |

Why did Boaz allow Ruth to glean in his field?
| He had a large harvest | He was short of workers | She was beautiful | She had looked after Naomi |

What did Ruth do while Boaz was sleeping?
| Covered his head and sat next to him | Gently woke him up | Asked his servant to wake him | Uncovered his feet and lay down |

Ruth appears in the book of Ruth and also one other book. Which one?

What was the widow of Zarephath gathering when Elijah first met her?
| Hay | Water | Wood | Eggs |

Which bird does Job say is lacking in wisdom, due to the fact she leaves her eggs on the floor?
| Emu | Ostrich | Cuckoo | Chicken |

How much did Ruth glean on her first day?
| 2 ephahs of oats | 1 ephah of oats | 1 ephah of barley | 2 ephahs of barley |

Abraham's servant met Rebekah by a well?
| False | True |

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