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The river that flowed out of Eden divided into four rivers

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Name one of the rivers that flowed out of Eden

How many rivers did the river in Eden split into once it left the garden?
| Three | Two | Five | Four |

Rivers in scripture - which is the odd one out?
| Galilee | Euphrates | Jordan | Jabbok |

The clothes of Jesus were divided among the soldiers five ways?
| False | True |

Which miracle that Jesus performed divided the Pharisees in opinion as to whether Jesus was from God or not?
| Healing of the blind man by covering his eyes in clay | Healing of the man with the withered hand | Turning water into wine | Healing of the dumb man by touching his tongue |

Whereabouts was the garden of Eden?
| East | South | West | North |

God planted a garden called Eden?
| True | False |

Who was likened to a "great dragon that lies in the midst of the rivers"?
| Nebuchadnezzar | Herod | Caesar | Pharaoh |

In the prophecy of Micah, what did the people suggest offering ten thousand rivers of to please God?
| Incense | Myrrh | Oil | Blood |

What did Elisha throw into the river to cause the axe head to float?
| A piece of bread | A wooden stick | A rock | His cloak |

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