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Daniel interpreted a dream for King Nebuchadnezzar

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In Nebuchadnezzar's dream about a statue what were the feet made from?
| Silver | Iron and clay | Bronze | Gold |

In Nebuchadnezzar's dream of a great image, the head was made of silver
| False | True |

Fill in the missing word(s) : They shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, _____

What did Daniel do for Nebuchadnezzar that no-one else was able to do?
| Decipher the writing on the wall | Interpret his dreams | Play the harp | Heal his son from leprosy |

Daniel was renamed Belshazzar by Nebuchadnezzar
| True | False |

Jacob had a dream at Bethel, but what did he dream about?
| That he would bow down to his son | A fiery chariot with angels riding horses | A ladder reaching up to heaven | That he would be made into a great nation, and have many children |

Daniel had a dream about four things. What were they?
| Beasts | Rivers | Cities | Chariots |

Who complained of being swallowed up like a dragon by King Nebuchadnezzar?
| Isaiah | Ezekiel | Daniel | Jeremiah |

What happened to King Nebuchadnezzar?
| He went mad and lived as a beast before being restored as king | He handed over the kingdom to his son who later had him murdered | He was killed in a fierce battle | He was assassinated by a servant |

King Nebuchadnezzar built a silver statue that everyone had to worship
| False | True |

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