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Who was the king of Persia in the book of Esther?

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Which Jewish girl became Queen of Persia?

What was the name of the chamberlain who gave Esther food and cosmetics before being presented to King Ahasuerus?
| Shaashgaz | Hegai | Blastus | Nathanmelech |

How long did Esther fast for before going to see the king?
| Forty days and nights | Three days and nights | Seven days | One day |

What did the king hold out to Esther to show she could approach him?
| The golden crown | The golden sceptre | His hand | His ring |

Which king's wives included Vashti and Esther?
| Cambyses II | Artaxerxes I | Ahasuerus | Darius I |

Who did King Xerxes divorce before he married Esther?

What feast was instituted when Queen Esther saved the Jews from destruction?
| Passover | Purim | Hanukkah | Atonement |

What was Esther's nationality?
| Persian | Egyptian | Jewish | Median |

Who did Queen Esther invite to her banquets?
| The king and Mordecai | The king and Haman | Just the king | The king and his chief princes |

How many banquets did Queen Esther hold?
| Four | Three | One | Two |

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