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Dear Sir/Madam,

The Bible is a remarkable book. Within this letter there are 26 books of the Bible hidden. Can you find them all? Have a go at it using a pen or pencil highlight the ones you find or click with a mouse.

The Bible was written by God, using many authors from all sorts of backgrounds, having many different jobs. God tells us the story of his nation Israel and His son, Jesus Christ, making sure it has been preserved for us through the ages for us to read today.

The Bible outlines the right way to lead our lives, as well as containing many historical accounts. Moses led Israel through the Red Sea, at the battle of Jericho trumpeters marched round the walls for seven days, Judea saw great wars and captivity, Abishag gained David as a husband, the Pharisees would act superior to everyone else, perhaps almsgiving for example, but Jesus kept giving them a most stern rebuke. Jesus also performed many miracles, after receiving the Holy Spirit upon his baptismal achievement, with his first miracle being turning the water into wine for the groom at the wedding, maybe it was a nice Spanish Rioja? Mesopotamia was an important region in Biblical history, with Ur and Babylon in that area, as was Sudan I elsewhere read.

When studying the Bible it is helpful to look out for any Bible echo. Search for them whenever you read as you will see some fascinating things, particularly when reading the letters to the various churches, or ecclesias. Testing what you hear against the Bible is also very important to show if it is true, for example if someone suggests Jesus was born in Suez rather than Bethlehem, you would use the Bible to check its accuracy. The same applies if you think Paul ate locusts, David played a banjo eloquently for Saul, Barnabas went on missionary work to Dijon, a horse carried Jesus into Jerusalem or Lazarus died of swine flu, keep going back to the Bible as you can learn a lot from answers to your questions. There is no need to put being academic ahead of everything else though as Jesus said it is most important to love one another, in a humble spirit. Jesus gave his life for us and when we are in a spiritual rut, his love will give us the comfort we need.

Sincerely, the Rev. E. Lation

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