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Friday 23rd February 2018
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Bible Word Wheels

Using the center letter of the word wheel each time, how many words of four or more letters can you make. You may only use each letter in the wheel once. There is a word that uses all the letters in each word wheel, for which you are given a clue. All words must be valid English words, but proper nouns, prefixes, suffixes, and abbreviations are not allowed, nor are words that require a hyphen or apostrophe. Basically, any word that is acceptable in a game of Scrabble is allowed!

Bible Word Wheel - R | E W S L E S N D I
Ten letter word clue: 40 Years

Target: 20 words

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Bible Word Wheel - V | T I L A S N O A
Nine letter word clue: Offered by Jesus

Target: 10 words

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