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Giant Bible Crossword - Giant Bible Crossword Philologus Across Retaliation Phoenician trading center Not fixed Word written on a wall Fruit bearing plant Urgent request Place of worship Where the Syrian army was made blind Climb Instruction Splendid Work hard Unable to speak Tattler One who raised Cain A disciple in Rome Came to an end Number of lepers who did not return to thank Jesus Old Testament ritual Burrowing mammal Refuse Hold back Verse writer Pesky insect Sources of rivers and streams Slimy gastropod Mix One of the openings in the walls of Jerusalem Attracted A remnant of the Amorites Bones Likewise Governor Help Persian queen Retain Snakes Suffered Middle of the day English translator of the Bible Down Forgave Poisonous Fruit of the vine Couple Consume Last letter Had faith Daft Fled Ananias and Sapphira for example Balm Field of blood Psalms interjection Babe Crown Woe Prince of the devils Bound Hell Yearn Member of an Israeli tribe From a great distance Charge Went by King of the Amalekites Birth place of the apostle Paul Got bigger Celestial body There were twelve of them in Israel Precious stones Biblical animals of great strength These people were among the Gentiles Seat False gods Spray A successful journey This place had a pool and five porches Sanctimonious person Palisade Cutting tool Part of foot Each A son of Jacob Transgression

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