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American Crossword I

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American Crossword I - Philologus Across Change direction Unborn babies It may be proper Strips of palm leaves Tiny amount Working smoothly Track Welsh river Model behaviour Missing from action Mountain pass Conversation starter Tiny bit Fork prong Swedish currency Tortoise racer Bronze Tottering Greek letter Mistakes Red and Dead Precepts Roughly Roundish Feline cry Jab In tune Flock members It smells Down Chew on Long ago Adjoin Hold sacred Alien Nail Head of a Simeonite family Staring in amazement Rainbow maker Friend Finish Indian princess Common choir music book size Shouter Church officers Poppy plant derivative Japanese city First Hebrew letter Isalmist militant group Biblical quartet New Testament book Christmas tree debris Fraction of a kilo Sharp Serpent Sulk Affirm solemnly Biblical peak They may get stepped on Certain Fuss Absalom catcher

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